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Arnav Mandal
Daily Discussion
That Mind blowing fact that will make you astound.
1)Four common states of matter easily observable on Earth:

Solid: fixed shape, fixed volume, neutral particles.
Liquid: fluid shape, fixed volume, neutral particles.
Gas: fluid shape, variable volume, neutral particles.
Plasma: fluid shape, variable volume, ionized particles
Then there are a bunch of weirder states of matter, that require special conditions to exist:

Degenerate Matter: crushed nuclei inside dead stars.
Superfluid: ultra-cold, frictionless, liquid helium.
Bose-Einstein & Fermionic Condensates: ultra-cold gases made of only bosons or only fermions (but never both) with matching spins.
Rydberg Matter: ultra-cold tiny crystals with “delocalized” electrons.
Quark Matter: ultra-hot soup of quarks, existed right after the Big Bang, briefly observable in the Large Hadron Collider.
several others that have been theorized but not observed.

And then there are “non-classical states”, “mesophases”, and other variants often considered special cases of the common states at the top. Examples include glass, supercritical fluid, and liquid crystal, but there are many others depending on whether you consider the differences to define new states or not.
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