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5 reasons why Coding for kids is the way forward
“Everybody in the country should learn how to program because it teaches you how to think” – Steve JobsCheck out the right coding program for your kidAs of now in the 21st century, Coding is known to be the ‘New Literacy’. Recent research states that learning to code at a young age will set them up for a successful future. Even after this one must wonder why is coding for kids such a trend these days? Why must one enrol their kids to coding. How does coding for kids prove to be helpful? Most importantly, why choose coding for kids?Here are 5 reasons to choose coding for kids:Coding helps problem-solving: Coding for kids helps build Analytical and logical thinking skills in children. It helps them analyse the problem critically and logically and break it into components to solve the problems more effectively and efficiently. Numerous attempts taken to fix a problem is common but it helps kids to learn to try and use multiple techniques till the solution is achieved. As Steve Job stated “Coding teaches you how to think”.Help your kids develop problem solvingCoding teaches to Think: Learning how to code teaches children on how to think. This allows children to think differently. Children learning how to code take vague ideas and use their creativity to make those ideas effective. Therefore, coding develops a different method of thinking which helps children in their future. Most importantly, we must teach a child on how to think and not on what to think.Coding Expands creativity: Approaching coding as a mode of expression helps instil creativeness in children. For example, when we write down basic codes, we learn to appreciate more sophisticated and structured codes as and when we learn more about the structures of games, programs and animations. Therefore, Coding is an artistic expression.Coding allows children to have fun with Maths:  Coding for kids builds mathematical aptitude in them. There is a clear relation between Coding and Mathematics. As mathematics and logic are a part of the coding language, through loops, numbers etc, it can easily help improve mathematical skills. It helps in building abstract reasoning as well. At the end, it is all about being a mathematical thinker and not a calculator.A Coding is the New Future: As the world is constantly developing, coding becomes one of the most important skills that one can learn. Coding for kids is  a great pathway for them and will have more employment opportunities in various fields like retail, finance etc and not just the technological field. Therefore, coding becomes a stepping stone to a child’s success.These are some reasons why coding is important for children. Giving your child an opportunity to learn about technology and how a computer works will surely give them an advantage in their life.Check out the different plans available on Skillza to discover your kid’s learning potential.
Anand Satyan Aug 05